The Mouse and I

Mickey-mouseThe beloved mouse and I, share the same birthday month and were born just days apart. with many years between us.

Like this mouse, I have always been a bit of an underdog as well and try to do the right thing. I have always held a fondness for him and visit WDW to recharge my creative batteries often.

Walt Disney is one of the very few people that I admire. In fact, I strive to create a legacy much as he did. One that will inspire future artists and writers to pursue their own dreams.

I have been fortunate enough to inspire so many thus far and watched them take a chance on their own creative visions. If you cannot cause inspiration then you are not doing it right.

This mouse makes me smile every time I see him.  He reminds me, that dreams can be accomplished and that the even the little guy can leave a big mark on the world. It is my hope that all the characters and stories, that I create, are beloved as this mouse.

2018 will be a year for growth and success, you can expect great things from me, another underdog of creativity.T

I dedicate this year’s push for my creative recognition and explosive success, to MICKEY MOUSE! The little guy who kept me hoping and dreaming of my own dreams to come true!

Disney may have started with a mouse…But P. L. McCall II started with a pirate named GRACE FLYNN!


Note: Mickey Mouse is under copyright and trademark by the Walt Disney Company.

for more information on Mickey Mouse please visit:


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