What D&D Did For My Storytelling

demi-humans-by-Larry-ElmoreLike many writers, I was exposed to D&D and instantly fell in love with the game.

Here I could play the stories, that I read and make up new exciting tales.

I started as a player in the D&D RED BOX EDITION (I was an elf) but soon found myself in the role of a Dungeon Master.

I soon left behind the worlds provided by TSR and created my own for the enjoyment of my players.  After months of crafted and off-the-cuff adventures, one night I realized how much my world and its characters meant to my players.

I killed off an NPC and my players, went through shock, sadness and the willingness to sacrifice their characters for the return of their beloved hero. These offerings stirred my DM heart and I brought the hero back.

My players insisted then and many years later after the dice stopped rolling, that I tell stories of my characters and their world. Something I may be doing very soon.

Video games are all the rage and they are great. But they are not a replacement for role-playing or a great book. D&D helped me forge my storytelling and how to create characters that were believable. I am a writer because of it.

My advice to any budding writer out there…

Put down the controller, log out of the MMO…

Play a great roleplaying game or read a fantastic book.

Let your imagination free to roam and not be guided by computer code.







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