Updates and Mad thoughts – 03/2018

madMarch is proving to be a very busy month and it will be wonderful to see all these projects come to life soon. So let’s get to the updates!

The Road to Screen: I am very busy completing the script for a “Live-Action” Grace Flynn project. This has been my main focus since September of last year. I am wrapping up and editing, then it’s off to my agent.

The Animation Thing: I have brought a team together to help me build a “Pitch” for an animation executive, that I have been working with for quite some time. The prep work is moving smoothly and we are on track to meet our presentation deadline.

New Books & New Writers: I am in the final stages of signing a few independent authors and their book will soon grace the CATHAL Entertainment label. New Anthologies are on the way and they are just going to be awesome.

ShadowSea Novels & Game:  I have been hard at work with AntiMatter Games, in finalizing new fiction and the game content for the Grace Flynn Crossover. I am very excited about the new fiction and can’t wait for fans to read it.

Grace Flynn Pieces of Eight: A new children’s book by Joise Devora and myself. It is coming out just awesome and I am very excited for its release this July.

Grace Flynn – Blade of Tristam: I am proud to announce that Kenny Calderon is wrapping up the last pages of this project and it will be a just EPIC! Get reading for pre-orders on this one very soon.

GFC Merchandising: Several new products are in the way.

  1. Grace Flynn – PepperBox Replica
  2. Grace Flynn – PepperBox Tea
  3. Grace Flynn’s Bloodsilk (Grace Flynn’s Red Scarf)
  4. Grace Flynn’s Tricorn

That’s your updates!




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