Hero Hype Miami

Another great event and I got to meet so many great people.


Updates and Mad thoughts – 03/2018

madMarch is proving to be a very busy month and it will be wonderful to see all these projects come to life soon. So let’s get to the updates!

The Road to Screen: I am very busy completing the script for a “Live-Action” Grace Flynn project. This has been my main focus since September of last year. I am wrapping up and editing, then it’s off to my agent.

The Animation Thing: I have brought a team together to help me build a “Pitch” for an animation executive, that I have been working with for quite some time. The prep work is moving smoothly and we are on track to meet our presentation deadline.

New Books & New Writers: I am in the final stages of signing a few independent authors and their book will soon grace the CATHAL Entertainment label. New Anthologies are on the way and they are just going to be awesome.

ShadowSea Novels & Game:  I have been hard at work with AntiMatter Games, in finalizing new fiction and the game content for the Grace Flynn Crossover. I am very excited about the new fiction and can’t wait for fans to read it.

Grace Flynn Pieces of Eight: A new children’s book by Joise Devora and myself. It is coming out just awesome and I am very excited for its release this July.

Grace Flynn – Blade of Tristam: I am proud to announce that Kenny Calderon is wrapping up the last pages of this project and it will be a just EPIC! Get reading for pre-orders on this one very soon.

GFC Merchandising: Several new products are in the way.

  1. Grace Flynn – PepperBox Replica
  2. Grace Flynn – PepperBox Tea
  3. Grace Flynn’s Bloodsilk (Grace Flynn’s Red Scarf)
  4. Grace Flynn’s Tricorn

That’s your updates!



PCCC Opens Today!

2018-PCCC-P.L.-McCall-III will be appearing at PCCC today and through the weekend. I am looking forward to meeting with my old and new fans.

This convention also marks the launch of my new digital anthology CATHAL. Every issue will contain stories hand picked by me.

Pre-orders of this anthology were just amazing. So with that in mind…I am offering a “Convention Only” price for my fans at this event. This will be your last opportunity to pick up the limited Volume #0, along with (12) exciting issues. You don’t want to miss this! Since there will be a chance to win a $50 dollar AMAZON gift card.

Today I also have a panel at the event and here are the details.

Friday January 12, 2018 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Join P. L. McCall II, the creator of Grace Flynn on a discussion about creating memorable Fantasy Characters for your writing (comics or novels). Every attendee gets a “FREE” copy of P. L. McCall II’s “Aspects of Creative Writing “ a valuable creative writing guide.

Panel Room 108

What D&D Did For My Storytelling

demi-humans-by-Larry-ElmoreLike many writers, I was exposed to D&D and instantly fell in love with the game.

Here I could play the stories, that I read and make up new exciting tales.

I started as a player in the D&D RED BOX EDITION (I was an elf) but soon found myself in the role of a Dungeon Master.

I soon left behind the worlds provided by TSR and created my own for the enjoyment of my players.  After months of crafted and off-the-cuff adventures, one night I realized how much my world and its characters meant to my players.

I killed off an NPC and my players, went through shock, sadness and the willingness to sacrifice their characters for the return of their beloved hero. These offerings stirred my DM heart and I brought the hero back.

My players insisted then and many years later after the dice stopped rolling, that I tell stories of my characters and their world. Something I may be doing very soon.

Video games are all the rage and they are great. But they are not a replacement for role-playing or a great book. D&D helped me forge my storytelling and how to create characters that were believable. I am a writer because of it.

My advice to any budding writer out there…

Put down the controller, log out of the MMO…

Play a great roleplaying game or read a fantastic book.

Let your imagination free to roam and not be guided by computer code.






Cathal Anthology

I am so very excited about the Cathal Anthology. I can’t wait to hear from all the subscribers after they receive their copies this Jan 15th. I am now wrapping up volume 2 and getting geared up for the next volume.

I am hand selecting each story, for both its content and the impact it has on the genre. I am so proud to be bringing these stories to a whole new generation of readers. Great things are brewing ahead.

This new anthology series will be completely digital, though I am considering a collected physical edition at year’s end. I will keep you posted on that possibility.

I chose this medium, to make the anthology easy to deliver and accessible to all electronic devices.

At this time to keep our anthology affordable and not dependent upon a single platform, we will not be utilizing AMAZON services. We have partnered with GUMROAD and feel this platform will best suit our team and its customers.

If you have not subscribed you can do so here:



The Mouse and I

Mickey-mouseThe beloved mouse and I, share the same birthday month and were born just days apart. with many years between us.

Like this mouse, I have always been a bit of an underdog as well and try to do the right thing. I have always held a fondness for him and visit WDW to recharge my creative batteries often.

Walt Disney is one of the very few people that I admire. In fact, I strive to create a legacy much as he did. One that will inspire future artists and writers to pursue their own dreams.

I have been fortunate enough to inspire so many thus far and watched them take a chance on their own creative visions. If you cannot cause inspiration then you are not doing it right.

This mouse makes me smile every time I see him.  He reminds me, that dreams can be accomplished and that the even the little guy can leave a big mark on the world. It is my hope that all the characters and stories, that I create, are beloved as this mouse.

2018 will be a year for growth and success, you can expect great things from me, another underdog of creativity.T

I dedicate this year’s push for my creative recognition and explosive success, to MICKEY MOUSE! The little guy who kept me hoping and dreaming of my own dreams to come true!

Disney may have started with a mouse…But P. L. McCall II started with a pirate named GRACE FLYNN!


Note: Mickey Mouse is under copyright and trademark by the Walt Disney Company.

for more information on Mickey Mouse please visit: https://thewaltdisneycompany.com/