Creative Writing Panel @ Animate Miami 2017

Check out a video of a creative writing panel hosted by P. L. McCall II.





The “Crimson Scarver Book Tour” has come to an end at this wonderful event (ANIMATE FLORIDA). So much has happened since the tour began. The biggest news is that I am no longer an independent author. I have officially signed with a literary agent and we have begun the work of getting my books to a larger publisher and the process of optioning my books to various streaming and television companies.

I am starting a new chapter in my writing life and it is both exciting and a bit scary as it should be. I am hard at work and there are great things brewing as I type this post.

My new publishing house “CATHAL ENTERTAINMENT” will officially launch January 2018. I am in the process of signing my new authors: Gina Kennedy and E. Robert Dunn, there are a few more names that will be added to this list.

Great Things!

Once again I must thank Mike S Broder, Sandy Martin, Joshua Catron, Ursula Gerstenberger-Catron, Phillip Gamer and all the great people at FSC (ANIMATE). For putting on a great event and allowing me the privilege to be a part of the show.

I had the incredible opportunity to sit on and moderate a panel with David Martranga, Josie Devora and Haiden Hazard. It was great to meet them all and I am excited to say we may have some opportunities to work with each other soon.  🙂

And finally thanks to my team: Robert Kennedy Gina Kennedy E. Robert Dunn and William Green for making this show fun and flawless.

It was also great to meet so many new people and meet with my fans…A special show out to Britsky Laird Maria C Saber Laura Diaz Enrique BedlamVinnie Tartamella Kenny Calderon Connie Creech and so many others!


I have included a few panel pics form ANIMATE!

Much Love and Respect!