P. L. McCall II and Terry Huddleston

Have joined forces to create a brand new collection of art prints based upon the GRACE FLYNN CHRONICLES universe.

This art will be available in exclusive large print format and must be seen in person to appreciate the detail and magic of the pieces.

It was (6) years ago Terry, joined the GFC as its very “1st Artist” and created the very 1st DA Cover.

We at CATHAL are so excited to share this new project with him and our fans.



Ing_CoverArt_RGBCATHAL entertainment will be reissuing ING THE VIKING, under its banner, with a new cover and commentary by P. L. McCall II.

This year marks ING’s 7th year, anniversary!

Look for it during our book tour.





Where CATHAL shall reign supreme!

We are so very excited about this new tour. Dates are being organized by the CATHAL Management team and slots are filling in what promises to be an exciting book tour.

Look for us at a convention near you!

If we are not on the list. Tell us about your favorite convention and we will try to make it there!

You can reach us at :

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2018!

There are so many great things to come in 2018!

  1. The continued serial – “CHRISTMAS SCARVER”
  2. A new revised and expanded “Devil’s Army”
  3. Expansion into other mediums for our IPs.
  4. New authors under the CATHAL banner.

And it all begins now!

Se us as the new book tour begins at:





Wrapped up a call with my Agent and I am off to the Pit of Creation to complete some pretty exciting tasks. I will be offline for a bit concentrating on these items.


Please don’t fret great things are coming soon!

This art as a commission done by:  John Dowson, for a client. It totally rocks.

Check this image out here – with awesome details.