ShadowSea Fiction



Isabella_JohannesCATHAL Entertainment & AntiMatter Games have joined forces to bring you exciting fiction from the world of ShadowSea.

These new tales of mystery and adventure will focus on, Dr. Isabella Johannes, scientist, archeologist and adventurer, within the realm of the Underlands. 

P. L. McCall II, Creator of the Grace Flynn Chronicles, has worked with AntiMatter Games, to create tales that the fans of ShadowSea have been waiting for.  

ShadowSea – Conquest of the Underground World, or simply “ShadowSea”, is a tactical miniatures game set in an alternate history of Earth in the 17th century, where an underground world was lost to history until seekers of fortune ventured into the night filled depths to confront the rulers of the ancient seas and guardians of forgotten relics. Ten years have passed since the initial discovery, the surface entrance now frozen shut, yet adventurers have returned through a deep underground ocean entrance within ancient salvaged submersibles to again challenge the forces of the Underlands.

For more information on ShadowSea visit the official homepage.

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